Family wellness retreat



5 - 7 Nights

Take time out to work on your most important relationships.


Relationship Building Retreat

Our Philosophy for a Transformative Retreat

We have two retreats to help families grow, heal and develop great relationships with each other, and with food and exercise.


Body and Mind (parent or caregiver and child)

Blended Family (helping blended families build positive relationships)

Our family retreats focus on working as a family to build skills and a plan for healthy habits to last a lifetime. Bring your family  to the beautiful Bay of Islands for a boutique retreat tailor-made for you.


All while nurtured in our therapeutic, luxurious resort-like facilities.

We create the environment in which guests can make lasting and meaningful changes in their lives. A calm and therapeutic space. A tailored experience, customised to suit the guest. Hand-picked expert support. The right balance of adventure, relaxation, physical activity and life skills.

We support guests to build the core skills and capabilities they need for transformative change to upgrade their lifestyle. This retreat involves an addition pre-booking assessment to ensure we are the right retreat for your family.

What can be included in your personalised family retreat

Please note all of the retreat activities are optional. We work with guests to create the retreat you want. You will not be pushed to attend any of the activities or sessions involved. We allow plenty of time for you to unwind and relax also.

  • 5-7 Nights luxurious accommodation.

  • Goal setting and values workshop. We help you create your family “mission statement” and identify the goals you share, as well as the goals you hold as individuals.

  • Cooking classes for preparing delicious, healthy food to nourish you for a lifetime. We focus on the foods your family loves and you work together to learn new recipes and skills.

  • Exercise with our skilled and person-centred personal trainers, to unlock your favourite ways to move and show each of you how to keep a balanced and active life.

  • Meditation workshop - our meditation instructors will help you develop this incredible skill, for a daily detox to manage stress, anxiety and pressure.

  • Digital detox workshop. We support you to talk about the digital issues you face and develop a plan for how you will keep your lives safe from digital toxicity.

  • Body image workshop. Designed for a parent and teen facing body image issues, this session is adapted to suit your family. We focus on building a positive relationship with food and body, to help you shrug off unwanted pressure to look a certain way. Love your body, love your food, laugh at Instagram un-reality!

  • Full use of our facilities (salt water pool, spa pool, private gym & infrared sauna).

  • 3 freshly cooked meals per day, along with snacks and protein shakes as required. We cater for all dietary needs.

  • 4-6 group fitness or yoga sessions - you choose what you would like.

  • 2-3 family sessions with Philippa on wellness issues to plan your journey from here - discovering your goals and making a plan to get there, supporting each other and talking, mindfulness and how to deal with stress, motivation.

  • Ongoing support - 2-3 follow up Zoom sessions with Philippa to help you maintain positive change in the real world.

  • Unlimited gym sessions while on Retreat.

  • 3 health assessments (before you book, on arrival & before departure).

  • Daily group activities - your choice - such as nature walks, mountain biking, hiking, exploring the Bay of Islands, kayaking and paddle boarding.


  • Daily housekeeping - room tidy.

  • A mid-week fresh linen change.

  • Laundry services.

  • Unlimited fresh towels.

  • Private transport to and from Kerikeri Airport & Bus stop.

  • Air conditioning / ceiling fans.

  • Unlimited wifi.

Not included in the retreat, but we can arrange on your behalf

  • Special activities such as skydiving, scenic flights, local historic tours, boat tours around the islands.

  • Additional room servicing and changes of linen.

  • Additional services such as massages and spa treatments (facials, mani/pedi, waxing and more).

  • Sleep therapy.

  • Meditation teaching.

  • Please contact us with your special request and we will endeavour to make it happen for you.