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The Bay of Islands Health Retreat specialised in transformative, life-changing retreats.  And we have been lucky to meet so many amazing people - we love to hear how you are doing.

Unfortunately the effects of Covid on businesses like ours, relying on people being able to travel, have been devastating.

We have made a difficult decision and taken our own advice to so many over the years.   That is, to reduce stress and focus on our own health as well as continuing to improve the health of others.  

By selling, we have freed ourselves up to be able to help others more, and will be available to do so.  There will also be options for us to come to you.

We do apologise to those who have been planning a future stay, and also to our regular return clients.  However, we will shortly be offering a very affordable online version of our Retreats, with weekly zoom calls to support you with whatever goals you have - continuing to provide that one-on-one attention, knowledge and insight that has helped so many change their lives over the years.

If you need support to transform, lose weight, improve your health, improve sleep, detox, restore your mind, body and spirit, build confidence and get motivated - you can still contact Philippa either by email - or by phone - 0275370088 and register your interest for our upcoming Retreat programme as spaces will be limited.  

We wish you all the best and would love to hear from you.


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